Discrete Maths for M.C.A

I am a student of M.C.A at Mumbai University so I need its Sem – I Discrete Mathematics syllabus. I tried but I did not get the syllabus so please help me and provide me the syllabus.

Mumbai University offers M.C.A. as you asked for the syllabus of Sem – I Discrete Mathematics so I am giving you the syllabus:

1. Number Systems
• Decimal Number Systems
• Binary Number Systems
• Hexadecimal Number Systems
• Octal Number Systems
o Binary Arithmetic

2. Propositions and Logical Operations
• Notation, Connections, Normal forms, Truth Tables
• Equivalence and Implications
• Theory of inference for statement calculus, Predicate calculus
• Rules of Logic
o Mathematical Induction and Quantifiers

Rest of the syllabus is in the attachment. You will have to download the attachment to get the syllabus.

MU MCA Discrete Math syllabus

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