Detail number of MBA Papers Semester in ICFAI University.

Provide me MBA Papers Semester in ICFAI University.


As you are looking for the MBA paper of ICFAI University so here I am attaching file that have questions as like this.

Integrated Case Studies – II (MB3J2) : January 2009
Case Study (100 Marks)
This section consists of questions with serial number 1 – 5.
Answer all questions.
Marks are indicated against each question.
Read the case carefully and answer the following questions:
a. The panel believes that BP has not provided effective safety culture and has
1.>not adequately established process safety as a core value acro ss all its U S
refineries. In this context, explain the significance of safety culture with
respect to personal and process safety. marks (10)

ICFAI University MBA Papers

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