Delhi University MCA Entrance Exam

Question : Give me syllabus of Delhi University MCA Entrance Exam.

Answer : Following is syllabus of Delhi University MCA Entrance Exam:

Mathematics: Mathematics at the level of B. Sc. program of the University of Delhi. Computer Science: Introduction to Computer organization including data representation,
Boolean circuits and their simplification,

basics of combinational circuits; C – programming: Data types including user defined data types, constants and variables, operators and expressions, control structures,
modularity: use of functions, scope, arrays.

Logical ability & English Comprehension:
Problem-solving using basic concepts of arithmetic, Algebra,
Geometry and Data Analysis.
Correct usage of English Language and Reading comprehension.

University of Delhi, Delhi-110007
City Delhi
State Delhi
Phone Number 27667011, 27667190,27667853

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