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I want to know the courses offered under the Central Universities Common Entrance Test (CUCET) Exam so will you please tell me?


Central Universities Common Entrance Test CUCET is a national level examination conducted by the nine central universities jointly for admission into various UG, PG & other courses offered by the central universities across the country.

CUCET exam is a gateway to get admission in central universities of Haryana, Jharkhand, Kashmir, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Jammu, Karnataka, Kerala and Rajasthan.

CUCET Courses-

UG / Integrated Programs

List of UG and Integrated Programs ( 3 / 4 / 5 Years ) :

Integrated M.Tech. Power & Energy Engineering CUKNK
Integrated M.Tech. Information & Communication Technology CUKNK
B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering CUHAR
B.Tech Electrical Engineering CUHAR
B.Tech Civil Engineering CUHAR
B.Tech Printing and Packaging Technology CUHAR
Integrated B.Sc.B.Ed. B.Sc.B.Ed. CUSBR
Integrated B.Sc.B.Ed. ( Mathematics ) B.Sc.B.Ed. ( Mathematics ) CUTND
Integrated Science B.Sc.M.Sc. B.Sc.M.Sc. CUKNK
Integrated M.Sc. Physics CURAJ
Integrated M. Sc. Physics CUTND
Integrated M. Sc. Physics CUJAM
Integrated M.Sc. Chemistry CURAJ
Integrated M.Sc. Chemistry CUTND
Integrated M.Sc. Chemistry CUJAM
Integrated M.Sc. Mathematics CURAJ
Integrated B.Sc.-M.Sc. Mathematics CUTND
Integrated M.Sc. Statistics CURAJ
Integrated M.Sc. Computer Science CURAJ
Integrated M.Sc. Zoology CUJAM
Integrated BSc-MSc Life Sciences CUTND
Integrated M.Sc. Biochemistry CURAJ
Integrated M.Sc. Biotechnology CURAJ
Integrated M.Sc. Microbiology CURAJ
Integrated M.Sc. Botany CUJAM
Integrated BSc-MSc Environmental Science CURAJ
B.Sc. Textiles CUTND
Integrated M.A. English CUKNK
Integrated M.A. Economics CUKNK
Integrated M.Sc. Psychology CUKNK
Integrated M.Sc. Geography CUKNK
Integrated M.Sc. Geology CUKNK
B.B.A. Standalone CUKNK
B.A. International Relations CUKER
Integrated B.A.B.Ed. B.A.B.Ed. CUSBR
Integrated B.A.LLB. ( Hons ) B.A.LLB. ( Hons ) CUSBR
( 5 Yrs )
Integrated M.Sc. Economics CURAJ
Integrated M.A. Economics CUTND
B.Voc. Retail and Logistic Management CUKAS
B.Voc. Retail and Logistic Management CUHAR
B.Voc. Retail Management CUJAM
B.Voc. Tourism Management CUJAM
B.Voc. Biomedical Sciences CUHAR
B.Voc. Industrial Waste Management CUHAR
B.P.A. Music CUTND
Diploma Beauty & Wellness CUJAM
B.Voc. Interior Design CURAJ

PG / B.Ed. / Integrated M.Sc B.Ed / PG Diploma Programs

B.Ed. B. Ed. CUJHD
B.Ed. B. Ed. CUKAS
B.Ed. B. Ed. CUHAR
B.Ed. B. Ed. CUKNK
LLM Masterof Law ( L.L.M ) CUHAR
LLM Masterof Law ( L.L.M ) CUKER
M.A. M.A. ( Education ) CUKAS
M.A. M.A. ( Education ) CUHAR
M.A. Education CUPUN
M.A. English CURAJ
M.A. English CUJHD
M.A. English CUHAR
M.A. English CUKNK
M.A. English CUPUN
M.A. English CUSBR
M.A. English CUTND
M.A. English andcomparativeLiterature CUJAM
M.A. English andcomparative Literature CUKER
M.A. Linguistics and Language Technology CUKER
M.A. Linguistics CUKNK
M.A. Hindi CURAJ
M.A. Hindi CUHAR
M.A. Hindi CUPUN
M.A. Hindi CUTND
M.A. Hindi CUKNK
M.A. Hindi CUJAM
M.A. Hindi CUSBR
M.A. Hindi andComparativeLiterature CUKER
M.A. Malayalam CUKER
M.A. Punjabi CUPUN
M.A. Classical Tamil CUTND
M.A. Kannada CUKNK
M.A. History CUPUN
M.A. History CUKNK
M.A. History CUSBR
M.A. History CUTND
M.A. HistoryandArchaeology CUHAR
M.A. PerformingArts ( VocalMusic ) CUJHD
M.A. Music andFine Arts CUKNK
M.A. PerformingArts ( Theatre Arts ) CUJHD
M.A./LLM Tribal &Customary Law CUJHD
M.A. Folkloristic andTribalStudies CUKNK
M.A. M. A. ( Folkloristics ) CUJHD
M.A./M.Sc. Geography CUPUN
M.Sc. Geography CUHAR
M.Sc. Geography CUTND
M.Sc. Applied Geography&Geoinformatics CUKNK
M.Sc. Applied Geology&Geoinformatics CUKNK
M.Sc. Geology CUPUN
M.Sc. Geology CUKER
M.Sc. Geo-Informatics CUJHD
M.A. Indigenous Culture Studies CUJHD
MSW SocialWork CUTND
MSW SocialWork CUKNK
MSW SocialWork CUKER
M.A. SocialWork CUJAM
M.A. SocialWork CURAJ
M.A. Sociology CUHAR
M.A. Sociology CUPUN
M.A. Sociology CUSBR
M.Arch. M. Arch. ( Sustainable Architecture ) CURAJ
M.Sc. Genomic Science CUKER
M.Sc. Animal Science CUKER
M.Sc. Biochemistry CURAJ
M.Sc. Biochemistry andMolecularBiology CUKER
M.Sc. Biotechnology CURAJ
M.Sc. Biotechnology CUSBR
M.Sc. Life Sciences CUSBR
M.Sc. Life Sciences CUJHD
M.Sc. Life Sciences ( specializationinAnimal Sciences ) CUPUN
M.Sc. Life Sciences ( specializationinBiochemistry ) CUPUN
M.Sc. Life Sciences ( specializationinBioinformatics ) CUPUN
M.Sc. Life Sciences ( specializationinHumanGenetics ) CUPUN
M.Sc. Life Sciences ( specializationinMicrobialSciences ) CUPUN
M.Sc. Life Sciences ( specializationinMolecularMedicine ) CUPUN
M.Sc. Life Sciences ( specializationinPlant Sciences ) CUPUN
M.Sc. Microbiology CURAJ
M.Sc. Microbiology CUTND
M.Sc. Plant Science CUKER
M.Sc. Biochemistry CUHAR
M.Sc. NutritionBiology CUHAR
M.Sc. Biotechnology CUHAR
M.Sc. Microbiology CUHAR
M.Sc. Bioinformatics CUSBR
M.Pharm. PharmaceuticalSciences ( MedicinalChemistry ) CUPUN
M.Pharm. PharmaceuticalSciences ( Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry ) CUPUN
M.Pharm PharmaceuticalChemistry CURAJ
M.Pharm Pharmaceutics CURAJ
M.Sc. ChemicalSciences ( MedicinalChemistry ) CUPUN
M.Sc. Chemistry ( ComputationalChemistry ) CUPUN
M.Sc. Applied Chemistry CUPUN
M.Sc. Chemistry CUKER
M.Sc. Chemistry CURAJ
IntegratedM.Sc.B.Ed. Chemistry CURAJ
M.Sc. Chemistry CUHAR
M.Sc. Chemistry CUTND
M.Sc. Chemistry CUKNK
M.Sc. Chemistry CUPUN
M.Sc. Chemistry CUJHD
M.Sc. Chemistry CUSBR
M.Sc. Computer Science CURAJ
M.Sc. Computer Science ( Big DataAnalytics ) CURAJ
M.Sc. Computer Science CUKER
M.Sc. Computer Science CUTND
M.Sc. Computer Science CUSBR
MCA Masterof ComputerApplications ( 3 Yrs ) CUHAR
MCA Masterof ComputerApplications ( 3 Yrs ) CUKNK
M.Sc. Mathematics CUKER
M.Sc. Mathematics CUHAR
M.Sc. Mathematics CUPUN
M.Sc. Mathematics CUKNK
M.Sc. Mathematics CURAJ
M.Sc. Mathematics CUJHD
M.Sc. Mathematics CUSBR
IntegratedM.Sc.B.Ed. Mathematics CURAJ
M.A./M.Sc. MA/MSc AppliedMathematics CUJAM
M.A./M.Sc. MA/MScMathematics CUKAS
M.Sc. Physics CUKER
M.Sc. Physics CURAJ
IntegratedM.Sc.B.Ed. Physics CURAJ
M.Sc. Physics CUHAR
M.Sc. Physics CUKNK
M.Sc. Physics CUPUN
M.Sc. Physics CUJHD
M.Sc. Physics CUSBR
M.Sc. Physics ( ComputationalPhysics ) CUPUN
M.Sc. Statistics CUHAR
M.Sc. Statistics CUPUN
M.Sc. Statistics CUSBR
M.A./M.Sc. Statistics CURAJ
M.Tech. Computer Science ( Cyber-PhysicalSystems ) CURAJ
M.Tech. InformationTechnology CUKAS
M.Tech. ComputerScienceand Technology CUPUN
M.Tech. Computer Science CUSBR
M.Tech. Computer ScienceandTechnology CUJAM
M.Tech. ComputerScienceandTechnology ( CyberSecurity ) CUPUN
M.Tech. Materials Science CUTND
M.Sc. MaterialSciences&Tech. CUJAM
M.Sc. Food ScienceandTechnology CUPUN
M.Tech. WaterEngineeringand Management CUJHD
M.Tech. Energy Engineering CUJHD
M.Tech. Nanotechnology CUJHD
M.Sc. Environmental Science andTechnology CUPUN
M.Sc. Environmental Science CUHAR
M.Sc. Environmental Science CURAJ
M.Sc. Environmental Science CUKER
M.Sc. Environmental Science CUJAM
M.Sc. Environmental Science CUJHD
M.Sc. Environmental Science CUSBR
M.Sc. Atmospheric Science CURAJ
M.Sc. Epidemiology andPublic Health CUTND
M.Sc. YogaTherapy CURAJ
M.Com. M.Com. CURAJ
M.Com. M.Com. CUKNK
M.Com. M.Com. CUHAR
M.Com. M.Com. CUPUN
M.Com. M.Com. CUTND
M. Com. M. Com. CUKAS
MBA Masterof BusinessAdministration CURAJ
MBA Masterof BusinessAdministration CUHAR
MBA Masterof Business Administration CUKNK
MBA Masterof Business Administration CUJHD
MBA Masterof BusinessAdministration CUTND
MBA Masterof BusinessAdministration ( SupplyChain Management ) CUJAM
MBA Masterof BusinessAdministration ( Human ResourceManagement ) CUJAM
MBA Masterof BusinessAdministration ( Tourismand TravelManagement ) CUJAM
MBA Masterof BusinessAdministration ( Agribusiness ) CUPUN
MBA Masterof BusinessAdministration ( Textile Apparel andRetailManagement ) CUTND
MTTM Masterof Tourism&TravelManagement CUKAS
M.A. HumanRights&Conflict Management CUJHD
M.Lib.&Info.Sc. M. Lib.&InformationScience CUHAR
MLIS M. Lib.&InformationScience CUTND
M.A. Psychology CUHAR
M.A. Psychology CUSBR
M.Sc. Psychology CUKNK
M.Sc. Applied Psychology CUTND
MA ( JMC ) Masterof JournalismandMass Communication CUHAR
M.A. Convergent Journalism CUKAS
M.A. Culture andMedia Studies CURAJ
M.A. Mass CommunicationandNew Media CUJAM
M.A. Mass Communication CUTND
M.A. CommunicationandMediaStudies CUSBR
M.A. Mass Communication CUJHD
M.A. Mass CommunicationandJournalism CUPUN
M.A. National SecurityStudies CUJAM
M.A. InternationalRelationsandPolitical Science CUKER
M.A. Political ScienceandInternationalRelations CUSBR
M.A. Political Science CUKAS
M.A. Political Science CUHAR
M.A. Political Science CUPUN
M.A. InternationalRelations CUJHD
M.A. Public Policy andPublicAdministration CUJAM
M.A. Public Admin&Policy Studies CUKER
M.A. Public Policy,LawandGovernance CURAJ
M.A. Development studies CUSBR
M.A. Comparative Religion CUKAS
M.P.H. Public Health CUKER
M.H.M.C.T. HotelManagement &Catering Tech. CUHAR
M.A. Environmental Economics CUTND
M.A. Applied Qualitative Finance CUTND
M.A. FinancialEconomics CUTND
M.A. GeneralEconomics CUTND
M.A. Actuarial Economics CUTND
M.A. Economics CUTND
M.A Economics CURAJ
Integrated M.Sc.B.Ed. Economics CURAJ
M. A. Economics CUKAS
M.A. Economics CUHAR
M.A. Economics CUJAM
M.A. Economics CUKER
M.A. Economics CUPUN
M.A. Economics CUKNK
M.A. Economics CUSBR
PG Diploma Guidance&Counselling CUKAS
PG Diploma ChemicalLabTechnician CUTND
M.Sc./M.A. Digital Society CURAJ

M Phil / Ph D Programs-

Ph.D. Architecture CURAJ
Ph.D. AnimalSciences CUPUN
Ph.D. AtmosphericSciences CURAJ
Ph.D. PlantSciences CUPUN
Ph.D. PlantScience CUKER
Ph.D. Biochemistry CUPUN
Ph.D. MicrobialSciences CUPUN
Ph.D. Biochemistry CURAJ
Ph.D. BiochemistryandMolecularBiology CUKER
Ph.D. Biotechnology CURAJ
Ph.D. Biotechnology CUHAR
Ph.D. Microbiology CURAJ
Ph.D. Microbiology CUHAR
Ph.D. LifeSciences CUTND
Ph.D. LifeSciences CUJHD
Ph.D. NutritionBiology CUHAR
Ph.D. GenomicScience CUKER
Ph.D. HumanGenetics CUPUN
Ph.D. MolecularMedicine CUPUN
Ph.D. Chemistry CURAJ
Ph.D. Chemistry CUTND
Ph.D. Chemistry CUKNK
Ph.D. Chemistry CUHAR
Ph.D. AppliedChemistry CUJHD
Ph.D. ChemicalSciences CUPUN
M.Phil. Chemistry CUTND
Ph.D. Commerce CURAJ
Ph.D. Commerce CUHAR
Ph.D. Commerce CUKNK
Ph.D. ComputerScience CUKER
Ph.D. ComputerScience CUTND
Ph.D. ComputerScience&IT CUJAM
Ph.D. ComputerScience&Technology CUPUN
Ph.D. ComputationalSciences CUPUN
Ph.D. Electronics&Communication Engineering CUKNK
Ph.D. ElectricEngineering CUKNK
Ph.D. IndigenousCultureStudies CUJHD
M.Phil. Economics CUHAR
Ph.D. Economics CUTND
Ph.D. Economics CUHAR
Ph.D. Economics CUKNK
Ph.D. Economics CUJAM
Ph.D. Economics CUKER
Ph.D. Economics CUPUN
M.Phil. English CUHAR
Ph.D. English CUHAR
Ph.D. English CURAJ
Ph.D. English CUTND
Ph.D. English CUKER
Ph.D. English CUJAM
Ph.D. English CUPUN
Ph.D. EnvironmentalSciences CUJHD
Ph.D. EnvironmentalSciences CURAJ
Ph.D. EnvironmentalSciences CUJAM
Ph.D. EnvironmentalScience CUKER
Ph.D. EnvironmentalScience and Technology CUPUN
Ph.D. Geography CUKNK
Ph.D. Geography CUPUN
Ph.D. Geology CUPUN
Ph.D. Geology CUKNK
Ph.D. Geology CUKER
M.Phil. Hindi CUHAR
Ph.D. Hindi CUKNK
Ph.D. Hindi CUHAR
Ph.D. Hindi CUTND
Ph.D. HindiandComparativeLiterature CUKER
Ph.D. MaterialSciences CUJND
Ph.D. MaterialsSciences CUTND
Ph.D. Pharmacy CURAJ
Ph.D. PharmaceuticalSciencesandNaturalProducts CUPUN
Ph.D. Physics CURAJ
Ph.D. Physics CUTND
Ph.D. Physics CUKNK
Ph.D. Physics CUKER
Ph.D. AppliedPhysics CUJHD
Ph.D. PhysicalSciences CUPUN
Ph.D. PublicPolicy,LawandGovernance CURAJ
Ph.D. PublicPolicy andPublicAdministration CUJAM
Ph.D. PublicAdministration&PolicyStudies CUKER
Ph.D. PublicHealthand CommunityMedicine CUKER
Ph.D. SocialWork CUJAM
Ph.D. SocialWork CUKNK
Ph.D. SocialWork CUKER
Ph.D. SocialWork CUTND
Ph.D. Sociology CUPUN
Ph.D. History CUKNK
Ph.D. Statistics CUHAR
Ph.D. Statistics CUPUN
Ph.D. Tamil CUTND
Ph.D. Kannada CUKNK
Ph.D. ClassicalKannada CUKNK
Ph.D. Malayalam CUKER
IntegratedM.Phil/Ph.D. Urdu CUKAS
Ph.D. Tibetan Language CUJHD
Ph.D. Mathematics CUTND
Ph.D. Mathematics CURAJ
Ph.D. Mathematics CUJAM
IntegratedMPhil/PhD Mathematics CUKAS
Ph.D. Mathematics CUKER
Ph.D. Mathematics CUPUN
Ph.D. AppliedMathematics CUJHD
Ph.D. MassCommunication CUJHD
Ph.D. MassCommunication&NewMedia CUJAM
Ph.D. TribalFolklore,Language& Literature CUJHD
Ph.D. HumanRights&ConflictManagement CUJHD
Ph.D. Humanities&SocialSciences CUJHD
Ph.D. Nanotechnology CUJHD
Ph.D. SouthandCentral AsianStudies CUPUN
Ph.D. WaterEngineering& Management CUJHD
Ph.D. EnergyEngineering CUJHD
Ph.D. LandResourceManagement CUJHD
Ph.D. PerformingArts CUJHD
Ph.D. InternationalRelations CUJHD
Ph.D. InternationalRelations and Politics CUKER
M.Phil. Education CUHAR
Ph.D. Education CUHAR
Ph.D. Education CUJAM
Ph.D. Education CUTND
Ph.D. Education CUKER
IntegratedMPhil/PhD Education CUKAS
Ph.D. Education CUPUN
Ph.D. Management CUKNK
IntegratedMPhil/PhD ManagementStudies CUKAS
Ph.D. ManagementStudies CUHAR
Ph.D. BusinessAdministration CUJHD
Ph.D. NationalSecurityStudies CUJAM
M.Phil PoliticalScience CUHAR
Ph.D. PoliticalScience CUHAR
Ph.D. Psychology CUKNK
Ph.D. Punjabi CUPUN
Ph.D. Statistics CURAJ
Ph.D. ComputerScience &Engineering CURAJ

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