Can I get the admission in MBA for distance of Ethiopian citizens?

Give me the list of the distance learning Universities at the Ethiopian that offers MBA & their I can get admission?


As far as my knowledge there is no distance learning institutes & universities at the Ethiopia that offers MBA course, so here I am giving you the list of the Ethiopian Universities that offers MBA course:

Addis Ababa University (AAU)
Jimma University (JU)
Haramaya University (HU)
Adama University
Adigrat University
Dandii Boruu University College
Ethiopian Civil Service University
HZ college
Blue nile college
Ethiopian Catholic University
Horn of Africa College
Addis Ababa Mulu Wongel Believers’ Church Theological College
Addis College
Debre Birhan University
Alem Business College
Africa Beza College
Ethiopian Management Institute (EMI)
Addis Ababa University
Africa University College
Beza College
Bulehora University
Alpha University College (Head Office Addis Ababa)
Bahir Dar University [3]
Grace College of Business and Computer Science
Alage College
Alfa College of Distance Education (Harar)
Admas University College
Bale International University
Adama University
Hope University College
Addis Continental Institute of Public Health

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