Byrd Middle School Reviews

Which courses run under the Byrd Middle School????????


The Byrd Middle School was opened on February 1, 1960 and was named for Admiral Richard E. Byrd – the world’s most famous Antarctic explorer. Following subjects are being offered:


Band, Choir and Music


Drama and Dance




Music and Band

Physical Education


Social Science


Faculty members:

Bijan Gharib KYDS Supervisor

Connie Jimenez-Gonzalez Teacher

Dinah Jocson Teacher

Dr. D. Wiltz Principal

Hermenia Freemond Access to Core Coordinator

Jennifer Torres

Lisa Picarella Teacher

Margaret Graham Teacher

Mr. A. Anderson 6th Grade Math and Science Teacher

Mr. B. McAfee Teacher

Mr. D. Arce P.E. Teacher All Grades

Mr. Gregg Yasukochi Magnet Coordinator and History Teacher

Mr. J. Jordan Teacher

Mr. M White History – Teacher

Mr. M. Alvarez Teacher

Mr. M. Bolita 8th, Resource Math

Mr. M. Montoya Teacher

Mr. M. Pucher Teacher

Mr. Mark Greenbaum Coordinator

Mr. R Calzada 6th Grade Teacher

Mr. W. Kawakami Teacher

Mrs Jennifer H Pointer Teacher

Mrs. Claudia Tamayo 6th Grade English and History Teacher

Mrs. J. Rose Teacher

Mrs. Jackie Garcia Community Rep.

Ms. Angie Charky Teacher, 6th grade Magnet Honor’s English and Honor’s Science

Ms. D. Rebollero Teacher

Ms. F. Romans Teacher – Special Education

Ms. H Clarke 7th and 8th Grade English Teacher

Ms. J. Gonzalez Teacher

Ms. Jodi Kirkpatrick Teacher

Ms. M. Gutierrez 7th and 8th Grade Math Teacher

Ms. N. Orozco Teacher

Ms. O. Eitel English Teacher

Ms. R Brown Special Ed. Teacher

Ms. R Kwok Phys. Ed. Teacher

Ms. Rina Ordonez Teacher

Ms. S. Agustin Teacher

Ms. S. Marquez 7th and 8th Grade Science Teacher

Ms. S. Park Teacher

Ms. T. Chen Teacher

Ms. T. Lopez-Lustgarten Dean

Ms. Wendy Spielman Teacher

Ms. Yolanda Gaeta

This is the address of campus:


Byrd Middle School

8501 Arleta Ave., Sun Valley, CA 91352

Phone: 818-394-4300 Fax: 818-768-1837

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