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Hey provide me course structure of PGDM Programme in BLS Institute of Management New Delhi


The BLS Institute of Management does offers PGDM Programme and here I am providing you course structure of that program.

PGDM Programme Course structure:-

Semester – I
PGM 101 Management Functions & Organizational Behavior
PGM 102 Managerial Economics
PGM 103 Quantitative Techniques & Operations Research
PGM 104 Managerial Accounting
PGM 105 Business Communication
PGM 106 Computer Application in Management
PGM 107 Business Environment
PGM 108 Value and Ethics in Business

Semester – II
PGM 201 Human Resource Management
PGM 202 Financial Management
PGM 203 Marketing Management
PGM 204 Materials Management
PGM 205 Business Research & Methods
PGM 206 Management Of Technology, Innovation and change
PGM 207 Management Information System
PGM 208 Corporate Legal Environment

Semester – III

PGM 301 Strategic Management
PGM 302 E-Business
PGM 303 Project Report & Viva Voce
Elective I
Elective II
Elective III
Elective IV
Elective V
Elective VI

Semester – IV
PGM 401 Management of International Business
PGM 402 Environment Management
PGM 403 Dissertation
Elective I
Elective II
Elective III
Elective IV
Elective V
Elective VI

Elective (Semester III)


Consumer Behavior
Product and Brand Management
Sales and Distribution Management
International Marketing
Services Marketing
Advertising and Sales Promotion

Corporate Finance
Corporate Tax Planning
Financial Markets and Institutions
Project Appraisal and Financing
Risk Management

Human Resource Management
Compensation Management
Industrial Relations and Labour Laws
Training and Development: Systems and Practices
Performance Appraisal and Management
HR Information System

Information Technology and Systems
System Analysis and Design
Enterprises Resource Planning
Network Applications and Management
Database Management System
Strategic Information System

Global Business Management
International Business Environment
Export, Import Policies, Procedures and Documentation
WTO and Intellectual Property Rights
International Economics
International Trade and Finance

Management of Production and Operations
Production / Operations Planning and Control
Total Quality Management
Supply Chain Management
Business Process Re-engineering
Technology Management

Elective (Semester IV)

Retail Management
Customer Relationship Management
Marketing Research
Rural and Social Marketing
B2B Marketing

International Finance Management
Merger, Acquisitions and Corporate Restructuring Cost Management
Investment Management
Human Resource Management
Strategic Human Resource Management
Organizational Development
Team Building in Organizations

International HRM
Informational Technology and Systems
Data Warehousing and Data Mining
Software Project Management
Front End Design Tools
Web Technologies

Global Business Management
International Business Laws
Global Competitiveness and strategic Alliances
Distribution and Logistics for International Business
Management of Multinational Corporations

Management of Production and Operations
Project Management
Logistics Management
Goal Programming in Management
Service Operations Management

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