What are relations between ICFAI Tripura and ICFAI Hyderabad?

“ICFAI University Tripura BBA BCA Admissions 2009” == What is the ranking of ICFAI University for its MBA courses? Icfai Tripura Or Icfai Hyderabad? what are their relations?

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4 Responses to “What are relations between ICFAI Tripura and ICFAI Hyderabad?”

  1. madhu

    both are froud university. beacuse student not pass in trhis university.

  2. madhu

    there is noting university . his examination process is wrong . this mqrks is not vaild in good university.because there are examination held on after 3 month .

  3. Jaswinder

    I have started MBA with ICFAI University’s distant learning programme & my exams fall in January 2011.But now i came to know about the fraud about this university. I have deposited the whole amount with them .Please suggest me what to do now as i am not sure about this university now. How I can get my money back & get my MBA done. This is my 1st semester.

  4. ash

    The people who dont study dont pass anywhere.. i passed my MBA from dis University,,