UNMC Eye Institute

Will you please give me the list of services provided by the UNMC Eye Institute????


The UNMC Eye Institute is Located at 3902 Leavenworth Street, it is one of the top institute in the city. It is an Outpatient eye care, a children’s eye care center, clinical research center and regional diagnostic center. Following are the services of this institute:

Outpatient Eye Care

Carl Camras Center for Innovative Clinical Trials in Ophthalmology

Ocular Imaging Research and Reading Center (OIRRC)

Children’s Eye Care Center

Regional Diagnostic Center

Optical Shop

Center for Surgical Innovations

Faculty members:

Diana V. Do, M.D. (Director of the Carl Camras Center for Innovative Clinical Trials and vice chair for education)

Drs. Diana Do,

Quan Dong Nguyen,

Eyal Margalit, M.D., Ph.D.

Carol Toris, Ph.D.,

And Shan Fan, M.D.,

Vikas Gulati, M.D.,

Sushma Rai, M.D.

Wallace Thoreson, Ph.D. (vice chair for research)

Iqbal Ahmad, Ph.D.

Toshimichi Shinohara, Ph.D.,

Dhirendra (D.P.) Singh, Ph.D.,

Nigar Fatma, Ph.D.

The contact details are as following:


UNMC Physicians Eye Specialties

at 3902 Leavenworth Street

(402) 559-2020


(402) 559-4276

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