RIICO Jodhpur

RIICO Jodhpur
RIICO has acted a catalytic role in the industrial development of jodhpur Rajasthan. RIICO has so far grew 321 Industrial Areas by acquiring approximately 60395 acres of land . It is ceaselessly acquiring and growing more land . Each industrial area is furnished with power ,street light, water supply , road linkages and also with basic social infrastructure.

RIICO Jodhpur has grew this Export Promotion Industrial (EPIP) to assist export oriented projects. (with export obligation of mini. 33% of the total turnover ). Basic infrastructure finished. Park was announced functional on 20th July, 2003. Investors and Entrepreneurs desirous of setting up Export Oriented Units ( Minimum Export obligation of 33% of total production) are welcome to set up their projects in EPIP,Boranada, Jodhpur.

Services provided by RIICO to investors and entrepreneurs include :
1. Site selection and Acquisition of land
2. Financial assistance to smalls medium and large scale projects
3. Equity participation in large projects on merit
4. Technical consultancy for project identification and technical tie up
5. Escort services ,facilitation of government clearances
6. Merchant banking and financial tie -ups
7. Extending incentives and concessions according to the policy of State Government

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  1. suresh Kumar Sharma

    Mukesh and Chanda S&D of LT Daya Ram sharma.
    They have their joint property :
    Alfa Industries
    G-1-97 New Jodhpur Industrial Area Jodhpur
    What is the status at present