FSU Distance Learning Masters

FSU Distance Learning Masters

FSU (Florida State University) offers one of the best distance learning Programmes. Its offers masters programme in thru Distance Learning. Most scholars presently enrolled in FSU’s distance learning degree curricula maintain full-time careers. They attend to their online courses during non-work hours and without relocating. Scholars may take proctored examinations at an institution in their field.

The FSU Master’s degree curriculum emphasizes Florida Certification in Educational Leadership as defined through the Florida Council on Educational Management. It covers the fields of Management, Leadership, Personnel, Communications, Curriculum, Finance, Law, Technology, and the practice of instructional leadership in public and private K-12 schools.

Earn a master’s degree that will advance your career
Advance to leadership positions within your new agency.
Become qualified to teach criminal justice courses at Florida community colleges.
Prepare for post-law enforcement career chances such as managing a criminal justice-related business or consulting firm.

Program of Study

A. Core Courses: (24 semester hours)
CGS 5310 Information Management Technology in Education (3 hrs)
EDG 5253 Curriculum and Instruction (3 hrs)
EDA 5192 Educational Leadership (3 hrs)
EDA 5222 Personnel Administration in Education (3 hrs)
EDA 5232 Legal Aspects of Public School Administration (3 hrs)
EDA 5242 School Finance (3 hrs)
EDA 5931 Instructional Leadership (3 hrs)
EDA 5503 The Principal ship (3 hrs)

B. Research Component: (6 semester hours)
EDA 5423 Decision Oriented Educational Research (3 hrs.)
EDA 5422 Data Analysis and Assessment for Educational Leadership (3 hrs)

C. Experiential Component: (6 semester hours)
Elective (Advisor Approval Required) (3 hrs.)
EDA 5218 Application of Leadership Theory (3 hrs.)

D. Master’s Thesis or Portfolio (0 hours)
EDA 8966 Master’s Thesis or Portfolio (0 hrs)

Total semester hours for Master’s Degree: 36

Admission to Master’s degree program
At a min, scholars must have a 3.0 grade point average for the last 60 semester hours of undergraduate course work. Also requirement is a competitive score on the Graduate Record Exam. Abroad citizens whose native language is not English must present a min score of 550 (paper-based) or 213 (computer-based) on the TOEFL exam. All applicants to the college must refer an official GRE score as part of the admission procedure.

Graduate/ Master’s degrees in good standing from a recognized institution of higher education are also a necessity for admission. Scholars must also show proof of relevant teaching experience to be considered for admission to the curriculum. The admissions secretary will inform the scholar through letter of acceptance into the master’s curriculum.

Contact Details
Florida State University (FSU)
Main Level – Parking Garage
Florida State University
Tallahassee, FL 32306-4113

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