MDU Rohtak MBA Date Sheet

Maharshi Dayanand University was established in 1976. This University has a number of Engineering Colleges, Computer and Management Studies institutes, Pharmaceutical Colleges etc. The University has established six Chairs to conduct research on the lives and contributions of some eminent Indians. MDU based institution of academic excellence and thought leadership in management education. MDU provides the 100% placement with advance knowledge for there students. These university faculties are very good and good knowledge & skills. MDU invites all is candidates who want to take admission in MBA program by entrance exam .for academic session 2010.

MBA date sheet

11/5/2010 Operations Research (2207)-11455
Management Science(2.27)-11313 (Old)
14/5/2010 Human Resource Management (2203)-11451
Human Resource Management (2.23)-11309 (Old)
17/5/2010 Marketing Management (2202)-11450
Marketing Management (2.22)-11308 (Old)
20/5/2010 Financial Management (2201)-11449
Financial Management (2.21)-11307 (Old)
23/5/2010 Business Research Methods (2205)-11453
Research Methodology (2.25)-11311 (Old)
26/5/2010 Operations & Supply Chain Management (2204)-11452
Production & Operations Management (2.24)-11310 (Old)
30/5/2010 International Business (2208)-11456
International Business Enviorenment & Management (2.28)-11314 (Old)
02/6/2010′ Computer Network and internet (2206)-11454
Computer Network and internet (2.26)-11312 (Old)
10/5/2010 Software Engineering (2413)-11511
International Financial Management (FM-5/IBM-6)-11422/Legal Framework governing Human Relations (OBHRD-1)-11416 (Old)
12/5/2010 Total Quality Management (2.41)-11401 (Old)
13/5/2010 Electronic Commerce (2402)-11502
Electronic Commerce (2.42)-11402 (Old)
15/5/2010 Talent Management (2405)-11503-A / Talent Management (2405)-11503 (Old)
Management of Financial Institutions (FM-13)-11427 / Management Training & Development (OBHRD-5)-11413 / Working Capital Management (FM-14)-11426 (Old)
16/5/2010 International Financial Management (2418)-11516
18/5/2010 Customer Relationship Management (2421)-11519-A /
Customer Relationship Management (2421)-11519 (Old)
19/5/2010 Systems Analysis & Design (2414)-11512
Industrial marketing (MM-1)-11408 / Strategic Cost Management & Control (FM-1)-11430 / Financial Decision Analysis (FM-6)-11429 / Data Base Management System (ITM-4)-11436 / Corporate Taxation(FM-4)-11428 (Old)
21/5/2010 Taxation Laws and Planning (2409)-11507
Organisational Change & Intervention Strategies (OBHRD-7)-11415 (Old)
22/5/2010 Industrial Relations and Labour Legislations (2406)-11504
Planning and Managing Retail Business (MM5)-11411/ Financial derivatievs (FM-11)-11407 / Programming in Java (ITM-3)-11419 (Old)
24/5/2010 Sales & Distribution Management (2422)-11520
25/5/2010 International Accounting (2420)-11518
27/5/2010 Security Analysis & Portfolio Management (2411)-11509
Strategic Human Resource Management (OBHRD-2)-11414/ System Analysis & Design (ITM-10)-11425 (Old)
28/5/2010 Artificial Intelligence (2415)-11513
Security Analysis & Investment Management (FM-7)-11405/Compensation Management (OBHRD-3)-11434/ Multimedia & Web Development (ITM-5)-11418/Human Resource Development (OBHRD-8)-11438 (Old)
29/5/2010 Strategic Human Resource Management (2407)-11505
Sales & Distribtion Management (MM-6)-11412 / Marketing of Social Serviecs (MM-8)-11432/ Marketing of Non-profit Organisations (MM-9)-11433 (Old)
31/5/2010 Programming in Java (2416)-11514
Management of Financial Services (FM-9)-11406/ Programming in Visual Basic (ITM-6)-11420 (Old)
01/6/2010′ Financial Derivatives (2412)-11510
Advertising Management (MM-7)-11437/Portfolio Management (FM-8)-11404/Foreign Exchange Management (IBM-3)-11424/ Management of Industrial Relations (OBHRD-6)-11435 (Old)
03/6/2010′ Retail Management (2423)-11521
05/6/2010′ Global Strategic Management (2417)-11515
Services Marketing (MM-2)-11409/International Trade Theory & Practice (IBM-1)-11440 (Old)
06/6/2010′ Cross Cultural Human Resource Management (2408)-11506
Consumer Behaviour (MM4)-11410 / Project Planning Analysis & Management (FM-3)-11423/ Cross Cultural & Global Human Resource Management (OBHRD-4)-11417/ Programming in Oracle (ITM-2)-11439 (Old)
07/6/2010′ Business Marketing Management (2424)-11522
09/6/2010′ Management of Banking and Insurance (2410)-11508
Software Engineering (ITM-7)-11421 / International Marketing (IBM-2)-11431 (Old)
10/6/2010′ International Logistics (2419)-11517
12/6/2010′ Entrepreneurship (2401)-11501
Environment Management (2.43)-11403 / Corporate Evolution & Strategy Implementation (2.41) (Old)-11401-A (Old)

Contact address
: Maharishi Dayanand University,
Rohtak, Haryana, India

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28 Responses to “MDU Rohtak MBA Date Sheet”

  1. Sonia

    Cud u tel me if i can take admission in mdu rohtak in mba regular program 2010 with mat score 90.96%. If not,thn suggest me some other colleges or institutes.
    Plz send info. at my mail id

  2. Nitin Chugh

    I have 99.46% in mat can i take addmission at MDU Rohtak what will be the process for this
    otherwise pls confirm the exact date of councling for other institute related to MDU for MBA.
    pls suggest

  3. jasbir kumar

    dear sir,

    i am BCA graduation complete.
    can i am doing MBA(HR)

    pls sir give ans quickly,

    thank u.

  4. rouf ahmed beigh

    sir,i wana join srinagar school of mgt.palwal haryana for mba.i want no z ds colg z afilated to ur university.and mba z dun on regular in ths colege.


  5. inder singh

    Please send me the date sheet of M.B.A. 1st semester on my E-Mail I.D.

  6. vandana

    please send me the datesheet of M.B.A 1st semester on my e-mail id

  7. manoj kumar

    sir plz send me datesheet of mba 3rd sem.

  8. kapil dua

    pleace sent me mba 1rt sam mdu,rohtak datesheet on my email id

  9. Gaurav Singh

    sir,Please give me information about mba examination for MDU university

  10. rakesh malik

    please send me mba 3rd sem 2 year full date sheet.

  11. hitesh dagar

    please send me date sheet of mba 1st semester

  12. Deepak Bhatt

    Hi, Please send me the model question papers of MBA 3rd sem regular on my email id(

  13. Harry nagar

    Plz send date sheet 1sem

  14. Deepak

    Sir, please send me the datesheet of mba 1st semester proggrame on my email- id {two year regular course}

  15. jaspreet singh

    please send date sheet of mba integrated industry 1st sem. on my e-mail id

  16. Sunil Kumar

    Sir I have completed MBA IN HR expcept one paper which will be held in Jan,2011. Can you suggest me next step or course which will be benifical for my bright future. I have a desire to join LLB 3 years course (evening sesion) from dehli universith. I am 38 years old and completed 15 years service in Dehli Police as a Constable. Now i want to move in pvt sector.

  17. Veena pillai

    Please send me MBA 1st sem (MDU)Exam dates and time,,,

  18. sandeep aggarwal

    please send me the datesheet of M.B.A 1st semester for MDU university on my e-mail id

  19. Neha Verma

    Plz send the datesheet of industry integrated MBA course-1st sem on my e-mail id.
    Thank you!!

  20. binumon

    please send me the datesheet of M.B.A 1st semester for MDU university on my e-mail id

  21. Narender Yadav

    please send me the datesheet of M.B.A(corresspondence) 1st semester for MDU university on my e-mail id (

  22. chhavi

    Did any 1 know mba-industry integrated programme date sheet of mdu… so plz send it on my email id

  23. Deepika

    I want to know the date sheet of MBA Distance (MDU) 3rd Semester…please let me know

  24. Deepika

    can anybody tell me the date sheet of MBA distance (MDU) 3rd semester?

  25. ved singh

    pls send me some important question of all subject of m.b.a.(industery intrigated programme)1 semester immedately

  26. ved singh

    pls send me some important model question of managerial economics,quantitative analysis,accounting and mgt. & org. behaviour and business enviourment,immediately

  27. ved singh

    pls send me some important model question of managerial economics,quantitative analysis,accounting and mgt. & org. behaviour and business enviourment on my email id,immediately

  28. ved singh

    pls send me some important model question of managerial economics,quantitative analysis,accounting and mgt. & org. behaviour and business enviourment on my email id(,immediately

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