Lucknow University B.Com Syllabus

Question: Tell me from where can I get B.Com Syllabus of Lucknow University?

Answer: You want B.Com Syllabus of Lucknow University so following is its syllabus:

Unit –I Definition Nature and scope of economics, Marshall & Robins Views. Utility of Economics, Micro vs. Macromedia of Economics study, Economic Theory and Business Decisions.

Unit –II Utility Analysis, Consumer Behaviour, Consumer’s equilibrium. Traditional approach and Indifference curve and Analysis: price income and substitution effects. Some application of indifference Curve Techniques, Elasticity of demand.

Unit –III Production –Equal Product Curves, Scale of Production: Input-Output relationship, cost Curves; Variable cost conditions and law of variable proportions, Producers’equilibrium. Product pricing –market format, perfect competition, Monopoly and imperfect completion.

Unit-IV Pricing of Factors of Production, Concept of Marginal Productivity, Theories of Rent, Wages, Theories of Interest and Profit.

Detailed syllabus is given in pdf file and I am providing you this. This file is absolutely free for you.

Lucknow University B.Com Syllabus

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  1. amrit

    pl.inform bcom 2nd year syllabus for the year 2011 exam.