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From where can I get Law of Crimes IPC DAVV Dec 2012 Solved Paper?

You want Law of Crimes IPC DAVV Dec 2012 Solved Paper so I have paper and I am sharing it with you.

Q 1: “mensrea is important for construction of offence. “Explain this statement with illustration?

Q 2: Explain different kinds of punishment given under Indian Penal Code?


Kinds of punishment:

Explanation of punishments:

Q 3: What is Private Defense? Discuss relevant provisions.


Private defense:

Extent of right to private defense:

Limits of private defense:-

When the right of private defense of body extends to causing of death:-

When the right to private defense of property extends causing death :-

Q 4:- What do you mean by abetment? Differentiate it with criminal conspiracy?

Q 5:- Explain criminal liability of unsound mind person. Discuss with relevant case laws?

Q 6:- Explain criminal liability of children? Discuss with relevant case laws?


Liability of children under 7 years of age:

Liability of children above 7 years but below 12 years of age.

The test of qualified immunity under section 83 depends upon three factors:-

Q 7:- Define murder and give difference between murder and culpable homicide?

Q 8:-what is theft? Explain essential elements and cases of theft?


Ingredients of theft:


Q 9: Define robbery? How it is different from theft and extortion?

Que 10: Explain criminal misappropriation of property and distinguish it with criminal breach of Trust.


Criminal misappropriation of property has been explained under chapter 17 of Indian penal code captioned offences relating to property which extends from section 378 to section 462. Criminal misappropriation of property has been under section 303 and section 304.

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