Jamia Hamdard MBA

Some one please provide me MBA syllabus of Jamia Hamdard?

Here I am providing you MBA Syllabus of Jamia Hamdard:

Semester 1:
MBA-101 Organizational Behaviour & Management Process
MBA-102 Quantitative Methods
MBA-103 Managerial Economics
MBA-104 Financial and Management Accounting
MBA-105 Marketing Management
MBA-106 Human Resource Management
MBA-107 Business Communication
MBA-108 Computers in Management

Semester 2:
MBA-201 Legal Environment of Business
MBA-202 Management Science
MBA-203 Economic Environment of Business
MBA-204 Financial Management
MBA-205 Operations Management
MBA-206 Management Information System
MBA-207 Business Research Methods
MBA-208 Logic Development & Programming

Semester 3:
MBA-300 Business Policy and Strategic
MBA-301 Management International Buisiness Environment
Major Area 3 courses
Minor Area 2 courses
Sectoral Area 1 course

Semester 4:
MBA-400 Project Study
MBA-401 Viva Voce
Major Area 2 courses
Minor Area 1 course

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