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Can you please provide me the Faculties & Colleges and the courses offered by CIT – Cork Institute of Technology?


Cork Institute of Technology was formerly known as the Regional Technical College, Cork. It is an Institute of Technology in Ireland. It is located in Cork, Ireland opened in 1973.

Faculties & Colleges

Business & Humanities

Engineering & Science

National Maritime College of Ireland

CIT Cork School of Music

CIT Crawford College of Art & Design

Courses offered:

Music (BMus Honours) CR 121

Construction Management (BSc) Part time CR_CCMNE_7

Transport Management and Technology (BSc) CR 046

Tourism (BBus Honours) CR 660

Cloud Computing (BSc Honours) CR_KCLDC_8

Biomedical Engineering (BEng) CR 075

Marketing (BBus honours degree) CR 420

Mechanical Engineering (BEng) Part time (Stage 3) CR_EMECN_7

Electronic Systems Engineering (BEng Honours) Part time CR_EELES_8

Software Development (BSc honours) CR 106

Human Resource Management (BA) Part-time CR_BHRMN_7

Instrument Engineering (BSc Honours Degree) CR 360

Analytical Chemistry with Quality Assurance (BSc Honours) CR 340

Applied Physics & Instrumentation (Hons) CR_SPHYS_8

Accounting (BBus Honours) CR 400

Early Years Education (BA Honours) CR_HECCE_8

Building Services Engineering (BEng) CR 072

Architecture (BSc Honours) CK 606

Computing (BSc Degree) CR 016

Construction Management (BSc Honours ) CR 572

Visual Communications (BA Honours) CR 600

Construction CR 052

Tourism (BBus) CR 041

Popular Music: Drums CR 126

Architectural Technology (BSc Honours) CR 560

Accounting (BBus) CR 023

Electronic Systems Engineering (BEng honours degree) CR 590

Popular Music popularmusic

Environmental Science & Sustainable Technology (BSc Honours) CR 365

Bar Management (BBus) CR 650

Architectural Technology (BSc) CR 090

Advanced Manufacturing Technology ((BSc Honours) Part time CR_EAMTN_8

Nutrition and Health Science (BSc Honours degree) CR 333

Management (BBus degree) Part-time (ACCS) CR_BMNGT_7

Popular Music: Electric Bass Guitar CR 125

Nautical Science (BSc Honours) CR_SNASC_8

Horticulture (BSc) CR 011

Accounting (Honours) (Part-time) CR_BACCE_8

Process Plant Technology BSc (Honours) Part time CR_EPPTN_8

Biomedical Science (BSc Honours) CR 320

Business Information Systems (BBus Honours degree) CR 150

Instrument Engineering (BSc Honours) Part-time CR_SINEN_8

Computing (BSc) Part-time CR_KCOME_7

Recreation and Leisure Management (BBus) CR 032

Business and Management (BBus) CR 021

Information Technology Support (BSc) Part-time CR_KITSE_7

Human Resource Management (BA) (Honours) Part-time CR_BHRMN_8

Popular Music: Electric Guitar CR 127

Transport Management (BSc Honours) CR_TTMGT_8

Physical Sciences (Common Entry) Level 8 CR305 CR 305

Good Manufacturing Practice & Technology Part-time (BSc) CR_SGMPE_7_Y1

Software Development and Computer Networking (BSc Honours) CR 116

Social Care (Honours) CR_HSOCC_8

Engineering Common Entry Level 8 CR 500

Pharmaceutical Biotechnology (BSc Honours) CR 325

Contemporary Applied Art (Ceramics, Glass, Textiles) (BA Honours) CR 210

Hospitality Management (BBus degree) CR 042

Sustainable Energy (BEng Honours Degree) CR 510

Marine Electrotechnology (BEng) CR 805

Culinary Arts (Bachelor of Arts) CR_OCULP_7_Y3

Mechanical Engineering (BEng honours degree) CR 108

Agriculture (BSc) CR 010

Applied Physics & Instrumentation CR 001

Analytical and Pharmaceutical Chemistry (BSc degree) CR 007

Interior Architecture (BSc) CR 053

IT Management (BSc honours degree) CR 310

Popular Music: Keyboards CR 128

Web Development (BSc Honours)

Applied Physics & Instrumentation (BSc) CR_SPHYE_7

BEng (Honours) in Building Energy Systems CR 522

Business Administration (BBus degree) CR 022

Popular Music: Voice CR 129

Early Years Education (BA ) CR 620

Supply Chain and Transport Management (BBus) CR_BSCTM_7

Montessori Education BA (Honours) CR_HMONT_8

Craft Technology (Wood) with Business CR077

Civil Engineering (BEng degree) CR 051

Chemical & Biopharmacutical Engineering (BEng Honours) CR105

Marketing (BBus) CR 021

Community Development (BA) CR_HCOED_7

Counselling & Psychotherapy Year 3 & Year 4 (BA Honours) CR_HCOUN_8

Quantity Surveying (BSc honours degree) CR 570

Quantity Surveying (BSc) Part time CE_CCECE_7

Craft Technology – Mechanical Services (BSc Level 7) CR078 CR078

Electrical Engineering (BEng degree) CR 062

Food and Health Science (BSc Degree) CR_SFSTE_7

Multimedia (BA Honours) CR 112

Theatre & Drama Studies (BA Honours) CR 700

Biomedical Engineering (BEng Honours) CR 520

Physical Sciences (Common Entry) Level 7 CR300 CR 300

Applied Biosciences (BSc Degree) CR 006

Business (Honours) Part time CR_BBUSN_8

Environmental Engineering (BEng Level 7) CR055 CR055

Electrical Power Systems (BEng Honours Degree) CR 580

Civil Engineering (BEng) Part time CR_CCIVE_7

Marine & Plant Engineering (BEng) CR 095

Information Technology Support BSc CR 888

Building Energy Systems (BEng Honours) (1 year add-on) CR_EBESY_8

Applied Biosciences and Biotechnology (BSc Degree) CR_SBIBI_

Business Studies Common Entry CR 021

Social Care (BA) CR 031

Accounting (BBus) Part time (ACCS) CR_BACCE_7

Nautical Science (BSc Degree) CR 094

Structural Engineering (BEng Honours) CR 109

Accounting (BBus) Common Entry CR 021

Mechanical Engineering (BEng) CR 071

Fine Art (Honours) CR 220

Culinary Arts (BBus degree) CR 640

Community Development BA (Honours) CR_HCOED_8

Interior Architecture (BSc Honours) CR 565

Herbal Science (BSc honours degree) CR 330

Electronic Engineering (BEng degree) CR 061


Cork Institute of Technology

Rossa Ave, Bishopstown, Co. Cork, Ireland ‎

+353 21 432 6100

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