Indian Hockey Federation Website

Indian Hockey Federation Website

There is no information about Indian Hockey Federation Website but here are information about Indian Hockey Federation. Indian Hockey Federation was formed in 1925 in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh on the Scindia Gold Cup tournament. But Indian Hockey Federation is not active later that. After the end of the World fight first, the commander of the British built up forces in India, Field Marshall Birdwood who was in charge of coordinating the retreat of the mixed Australian and New Zealand armed service after the Gallipoli disaster suggested a hockey tour to New Zealand in the year 1926 as a friendship tour.

Hockey is the national game of India and is played extensively in the nation, by all people alike. With the communization of the game, the require to have a central administrative body became high. In the year 1947, Mr. Naval Tata directed above as the 1st chairman of the Indian Hockey Federation of autonomous India. Mr. Naval Tata stayed in appoint for a long period of time, until Ashwini Kumar became the new chairman, who was later substituted, through MAM Ramaswamy in the year 1974.


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