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Unregistered 03:45 PM 28th April 2016
Hello, I want to know the details of the RBC Capital Markets Summer Associate Program for MBA. Please provide me.

Pathak 03:46 PM 28th April 2016
Hello, here I am providing you the details of the RBC Capital Markets Summer Associate Program for MBA as under:

About the training:

For graduate students in the first year of a two-year MBA program, Associate program is an excellent opportunity to gain capital markets experience. For approximately 12 weeks, graduate students spend their final summer before graduation working with industry teams on transactions and other important projects.

This program is available in:


Learning in the real world
The program provides a realistic view of investment banking - as a Summer Associate you will spend your time working on a variety of transactions and business development initiatives in all areas of Global Investment Banking.

Outstanding academic records, demonstrated analytical skills and a diversity of extracurricular activities.
Strong oral and written communication skills, leadership qualities, initiative
The ability to function as a key team member in a fast-paced and challenging environment is also essential.

You must be in the first year of a two-year MBA or equivalent program and have full-time work experience prior to pursuing postgraduate studies.

Contact details:
Royal Bank Plaza
200 Bay Street
Toronto, ON
M5J 2W7

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