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Unregistered 12:14 PM 12th August 2017
I want to know the number of seats in Post Graduation PG courses in Christian Medical College (CMC) Vellore so can you tell me?

pawan 12:47 PM 12th August 2017
Christian Medical College, Vellore (Tamil Nadu) invites application form for admission to Medical Postgraduate Degree/Diploma /Fellowship Courses

Admissions to Doctor of Medicine (MD), Master of Surgery (MS) and Diploma programmes in Christian Medical College (CMC), Vellore will be done on the basis of NEET PG Scores 2017.

Admissions to 50% state quota in CMC Vellore PG admissions will given by Directorate of Medical Education, Tamil Nadu.

Further, admissions to rest 50% institute quota seats will be filled by the institute itself using NEET PG scores.

CMC Vellore PG 2017 PG Seats and Reservation:

Course Course Duration No. of
SUBJECTS Name Code (Years) Seats*
M.D. A1 3 11

Anaesthesia D.A. A3 2 8
Anatomy M.D. B1 3 4
Biochemistry M.D. C1 3 2
Clinical Pathology D.C.P. D3 2 2
Community Medicine M.D. E1 3 6
Dermatology M.D. F1 3 3

Venerol & Lep. D.D.V.L F3 2 1
M.S. G1 3 6
ENT D.L.O. G3 2 2
Family Medicine # M.D. I1 3 4
Geriatric Medicine M.D. H1 3 1
General Medicine M.D. J1 3 16
General Surgery M.S. K1 3 10
Microbiology M.D. L1 3 4
Nuclear Medicine M.D. Z1 3 1
Obstetrics & M.S. M1 3 6
Gynaecology D.G.O. M3 2 6
Ophthalmology M.S. N1 3 7
D.O. N3 2 2
M.S. O1 3 8

Orthopaedics D.Orth. O3 2 4
MD P1 3 8
Paediatrics D.C.H. P3 2 8
Pathology M.D. Q1 3 8
Pharmacology M.D. R1 3 2
Physiology M.D. S1 3 4
Physical Medicine M.D. T1 3 4
& Rehabilitation
Psychiatry M.D. U1 3 6
D.P.M. U3 2 6
M.D. V1 3 6
Radiodiagnosis D.M.R. V3 2 6
M.D. W1 3 5

Radiotherapy D.M.R. W3 2 3
Respiratory Medicine M.D. X1 3 2
Transfusion Medicine M.D. Y1 3 3


Christian Medical College
IDA Scudder Rd, Vellore, Tamil Nadu 632004
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