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Default List Of Colleges For ICET

I want the list of Colleges accepts Telangana State Integrated Common Entrance Test TS ICET Exam scores so can you tell me?
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Default Re: List Of Colleges For ICET

I am providing you the list of Colleges accepts Telangana State Integrated Common Entrance Test TS ICET Exam scores

Colleges accepts TS ICET Exam scores

Academy of Management Studies-Sy.No.192, Yenkapally, Moinabad, R.R.Dist.
ACE Engineering College-Sy.No.175&181, Ankushapur, Ghatkesar, R.R.Dist.,-501301.
Al-Habeeb College of Engineering & Tech Damergidda, Chevella (M), R.R.Dist. – 501 403.
Amina Institute of Technology, Kandlakoya, Medchal Road- 501401, R.R.Dist
Annamacharya Institute of Technology & SciPiglipur, Batasingaram, Hayathnagar(M), R.R.Dist.-512.
Anurag College of Engineering, Aushapur (V), Ghatkesar (M), R.R. Dist.
Aradhana PG College for MBA for Women-H.No.14-39, Teachers Colony, Chenella, R.R.Dist.
Aradhana School Of Business Management, Rajendranagar.
Aristotle PG College, Chilkur, Moinabad (M)-500 075, R.R.Dist.
Arjun College of Technology & Sciences, Sy.No.376/7, Batasingaram, Hayathnagar, R.R.Dist.
Aryabhata Institute of Technology & Science, Srisailam Highway, Mohabath Nagar (V), Maheshwaram (M), R.R. Dist – 509 359.
Aurora’s School of Business, Gagillapur(V), Quthbullapur (M), R.R.Dist. (Church Institute of Technology).
Aurora’s Scientific and Technology Institute, Aushapur (V), Ghatkesar (M), R.R.Dist. – 501 301.
Aurora’s Management & Research Institute (Formerly Aurora’s PG College (MBA))-Sy.No.1, Parvathapur, Uppal, Ghatkesar (M), R.R.Dist. – 500 039.
Auroras School of Computer Science & Research, Gagillapur V, Qutbullapur.
Avanthi Institute of Engineering & Technology, Guntapally, Mazeedpur Gram Panchayat, Hayatnagar, R.R.Dist.,
Avanthi’s PG & Research Academy, Gunthapally, Hayathnagar (M), R.R.Dist.
Avanthi’s Scientific Technological & Research Academy, Gunthapally (V), Hayathnagar (M), R.R. Dist.
Bandari Srinivas Institute of Technology, Gollapalli, Kummere, Chevella, R.R. dist.,
Bharat Institute of Technology & Science for Women, Mangalpally (V), Ibrahimpatnam (M), R.R. Dist.-501 510.
Bharat Institute of Technology & Science for Women, Mangalpally (V), Ibrahimpatnam (M), R.R. Dist.-501 510.
Bright Institute of Management, Manimuthyalamma Kunta, Turka Yamjal, Hayathnagar(M), R.R.Dist. – 501 510.
Brilliant Institute of Engineering & Technology, Abdullapur (V), Hayatnagar, R.R.Dist.- 501 582.
Brilliant PG College (MBA), Abdullapur, Hayathnagar (M), R.R.Dist. – 501 582.
Chaitanya Institute of Business Management, Aushapur (V), Ghatkesar (M), R.R.Dist.
Chilkur Balaji Institute of Technology, RVS Nagar, Aziznagar, Moinabad Road, Near A.P.Police Academy, Hyderabad Dist. – 500 075.
CM Institute of Management, Suraram X Road, Qutbullapur.
CM School of Business Management, Dhulapally, Maisammaguda.
CMR College of Engineering & Technology, Sy.No.66,67,82,91,92 & 115/D, Kandlakoya, Medchal Road, R.R.dist. – 501401.
CMR Institute of Technology, Kandlakoya, Medchal Road, R.R.Dist. – 501 401.
CMR Technical Educational Society Group of Institutions, CMR TES School of Mgt., (MBA) Kandlakoya, Medchal, R.R.Dist.
CRV Institute of Technology & Science, Sy.No.800/Part, 808/A/B Parts, Lalgadi Malakpet (V), Shamirpet (M), R.R. Dist. – 500 078.
CVR College of Engineering, Vastu Nagar, S.No.315, Mangalpalli, Ibrahimpatnam, R.R.dist.-501510.
CVSR College of EngineeringVenkatapur, Korremul, Ghatkesar (M), R.R.Dist. – 501 301.
DRK College of Engineering & Technology, Bowrampet, Qutbullapur (M), R.R.Dist.-500043.
DRK Institute of Sciences & Technology, Bowrampet, Qutbullapur, R.R.Dist.-500043.
Einstein College of Business Management Nadergal, Sarurnagar, R.R.Dist.-501510.
Einstein College of Computer Applications, Nadergul, Sarurnagar, R.R.Dist.
Farah Institute of Computer Science, 10-2-299/F/A, Sy.No.226, Narsingi, Vijayanagar Colony, Rajendranagar (M), Hyderabad-500057.
Gandhian Institute of Management, Sri Venkateswara Colony, Kuntloo (V), Hayathnagar (M), R.R.Dist.-509035 (24033522, 9440276419)
Geetanjali Degree College for Women, Ragannaguda, Hayathnagar, R.R.Dist.,
Geetanjali Institute of Science & Technology, Aziz Nagar (V&P), Moinabad (M), R.R. Dist.-500 075.
Geethanjali College of Engineering & Technology, Sy.No.33 & 34, Cheeryal, Keesara (M), R.R. Dist.-501 301.
Global Education Centre, Chilkur, Moinabad, R.R. Dist.,
Global Group Of Institutions, BATASINGARAM.
Global Institute of Engineering & Technology, Sy.No.179/195, Chilkur, Moinabad, R.R.Dist.,
Global Institute of Management, Upparguda (V), Ibrahimpatnam (M), R.R.Dist.-501510.
Gokaraju Rangaraju Institute of Engineering & Technology, Miyapur, Bachupally, Kukatpally, Hyderabad – 500 072.
Grahambell PG (MBA) College, Sy.No.129/130, Shameerpet, Tumkunta, Via Hakimpet, R.R.Dist.
Grahambell PG College, Sy.No.129/130, Shameerpet, Tumkunta, Via Hakimpet, R.R.Dist.
Guru Nanak Inst of Technology (JSN College of Engg. & Tech.,) Khanapur, Manchal (M), R.R.Dist.,(G.O.620)
Harshith Group Of Institutions, MANKAL, MAHESWARAM
Hasvita Institute of Engineering & Technology (HIET), Temple Road, Keesara, R.R Dist.-501 301.
Hasvita PG College, Keesara Daira, Keesara (M), R.R.Dist.
Hi-Technology College of Engineering & Technology, Himayathnagar, Gandipet, Himayatnagar, Moinabad, CB Post, Hyderabad-500075.
Holy Faith PG College, Narapally Main Road, Chowdaryguda, Ghatkesar (M), R.R.Dist.-501301.
Holy Mary Institute of Technology, Bogaram, Keesara
Holy Mary Institute of Technology, Bogaram (V), Keesara (M), R.R. Dist.-501 301.
Holy Mary Institute of Technology & Science, Bogaram, Keesara, Ranga Reddy Dist.-501301.
Holy Mary Institute of Technology and Science,Bogaram, Keesara
Holy Mary Institute of Technology and Science, Bogaram, Keesara
Holy Mary Institute of Technology and Science, Bogaram (V), Keesara (M), R.R. Dist.-501 301.
Holy Mary Institute of Technology and Science, Bogaram (V), Keesara (M), R.R. Dist.-501 301.
Holy Mary Institute of Technology and Science, Bogaram, Keesara
Holy Mother PG College7-107, Balapur, RCI Road, Kesavagiri, Hyderabad-500005.
Horizon Institute of Technology, Nagaram (V), Keesara (M), R.R.Dist., – 501301.
Hyderabad Institute of Technology & Management(Formerly Royal College of Engineering) Gowdevally, Medchal (M), R.R. Dist.
Information & Research Institute of Aurora Parvathapur (V), Ghtakesar (M), R.R.dist.
Institute of Aeronautical Engineering Dundigal, Qutbullapur (M), Hyderabad – 500 043.
Institute of Management & Studies PG Centre Upparguda (V), Ibrahimpatnam (M), R.R.Dist.-501510.
Jagruti Institute of Engineering & Technology, Chinthapalliguda (V), Ibrahimpatnam (M), R.R. Dist.
Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Technology, Adarsh Farm, Mangalpally, Patelguda, Ibrahimpatan, R.R Dist.,-501510.
JB Institute of Engineering & Technology, Yenkapally, Moinabad, Himayatnagar, R.R.Dist.,-075.
JB Institute of Engineering & Technology-Sy.No.220, Yenkapally, Moinabad (M), R.R.Dist., – 500 075.
JB Institute of Engineering and Technology, Yenkapally, Moinabad, Himayatnagar 500 075
Jesus PG College Temple Road, Keesara (M)-501301, Ghatkesar, R.R.Dist.
Jesus PG College Temple Road, Keesara (M)-501301, Ghatkesar, R.R.Dist.
JJ Institute of Information Technology, Maheswaram (V), R.R. Dist.- 501 359.
Joginpally B R Engineering College, Sy.No.220, Himayatnagar, Yenkapally, Moinabad, R.R. Dist. – 500 075.
Jyothismathi College of Engineering & Technology, Thurkapally, Shamirpet, R.R.Dist. – 500 078.
Karuna PG College Business Management, Koheda Road, Mangalpally, Ibrahimpatan 501510
Karuna PG College Computer Applications, Koheda Road, Mangalpally, Ibrahimpatan 501510
Kasireddy Narayan Reddy College of Engineering & Research, Abdullapur (V), Hayathnagar, R.R. Dist. – 501 582
KG Reddy College of Engineering & Technology, Chilkur (V), Moinabad (M), R.R. Dist – 501 504
KGR Institute of Technology & Management, Sy.No.419, Rampally, Keesara(M), R.R Dist
Kingston PG College (MBA)Cherlapally, Ghatkesar, R.R. Dist.,
Kommuri Pratap Reddy Institute Of Management, GHATKESAR
Kommuri Pratap Reddy Institute of Technology, Edulabad (V), Ghanapur GP., Ghatkesar, R.R. Dist
Krishna Murthy Institute of Technology & Engineering, Sy.No.23 & 39, Edulabad, Ghatkesar (M), R.R.Dist.-501301.
Krishnamurthy Institute Of Management, Sy.No.23&39, Edulabad, Ghatkesar, R.R.Dist.,
Krishnaveni Institute of Technology, 9-1-29/5, Sy.No.154/1/A, Langer House, Gandipet Road, Hyderabad – 500 008.
KRR Institute of Information Technology, Ghatkesar (V & M) -501 310, R.R.Dist.,
Lakshya Institute Of Management, SHAMIRPET
Lalitha Degree & PG CollegeVenkatapur (V), Korremula, Ghatkesar (M), R.R.Dist.-501301.
Lokamanya Tilak PG College Sitarampet, Ibrahimpatnam, R.R.Dist. – 501 506.
Lokamanya Tilak PG College Seetharampet, Ibrahimpatnam, R.R.Dist. – 501 506
Lokamanya Tilak PG College of Info Technology MBA, Sitarampet, Ibrahimpatan, 501506
Lokamanya Tilak PG College of Info Technology MCA, Sitarampet, Ibrahimpatan, 501506
Madhira Educational Society Group of Intsitutions, Koheda (V), Hayathnagar (M), R.R.Dist.
Malla Reddi Institute of Business Management, Maisammaguda, Dhulapally.
Malla Reddy College of Engineering for WomenSy.No.43, 46, 47, 48, 53, 113, 114, 115, 116, 128, 130, Suraram ‘X’ Road, Quthubullapur Municipality, R.R. Dist
Malla Reddy Engineering CollegeMaisammaguda, Dhulapally
Malla Reddy Institute of Engineering and TechnologyMaisammaguda, Dhulapally
Malla Reddy Institute of ManagementMaisammaguda, Dhulapally
Malla Reddy Institute of Management and TechnologyMaisammaguda, Dhulapally
Malla Reddy Institute of Management ScienceMaisammaguda, Dhulapally
Malla Reddy Institute of TechnologyMaisammaguda, Dhulapally
Malla Reddy Institute of Technology & Science
Sy.No.640-646, Mysammaguda, Dhulapally, Gundlapochampally, Medchal, R.R.Dist.,
Malla Reddy Management College For WomenMaisammaguda, Dhulapally
Malla Reddy PG CollegeMysammaguda, Dhulapally, Gundlapochampally, Medchal, R.R.Dist.-500014.
Mannan Institute of Sciences & Technology[Sy.No.228 & 229, Aloor, Chevella (M), R.R.Dist. – 501 503.
Marconi Institute of TechnologyMudimyal (V), Chevella (M), R.R. Dist. – 501 503
Marri Educational SocietyMarri Laxmanareddy Inst. of Tech. & Mgt., MLR School of Business, Dundigal, Quthbullapur, R.R.Dist.
Maryum Institute of Computer ScienceS.No.249, Chilkur (V), Moinabad (M), R.R.Dist.
Megha Institute of Engineering & Technology for WomenSy.No.7, Edulabad, Ghatkesar (M), R.R. Dist. – 501 301.
Merit Institute of Business Management & TechnologyManneguda X Roads, Turkayamjal, Hayathnagar (M), R.R.Dist.-500060.
MLR Institute of TechnologyDundigal Ps Road, Dundigal
Mother Teresa College of Management and Computer ApplicationsNfc Nagar, Ghatkesar
Mother Teresa PG CollegeNfc Nagar, Ghatkesar
Mother Theresa PG CollegeChowdaryguda, Korremula, Ghatkesar, R.R.Dist.,
Mr College of Business ManagementDhulapally, Mysammaguda
MRM Institute of ManagementChintapallyguda, Ibrahimpatnam, R.R.Dist.-501510.
MRR Institute of Computer ApplicationsSy.No.583, 588, Nadergul, Sarurnagar (M), R.R.Dist.-501510.
Murthy Institute of Technology & SciencesAnkireddypally, Keesara, R.R.Dist., (08418-284878, 9948076223)
Nalla Narasimha Reddy Educational Society’s Group of InstitutionsChowdariguda, Korremula, Ghatkesar, R.R.dist.
Nallamalla Reddy Engineering College
7-01, Divyanagar, Kachvanisingaram, Ghatkesar, R.R.Dist.-501 301.
Narasimha Reddy Engineering CollegeSy.No.581, Maisammaguda, Gundlapochampally (V), Medchal (M), R.R.Dist.
Narasimha Reddy PG College
Sy.No.518/1, Mysammaguda, Dhulapally, Medcha, R.R.Dist.
New India Institute of Computer ScienceGollapally, Chevella, R.R.Dist.
Nexus College of Science & TechYacharam (V), R.R. Dist – 501 509
Nishitha College of Engineering&Tech
Lemoor, Kandukur, R.R.Dist.,
Noble College Engineering & Technology for Women
Nadargul (V), Saroornagar (M), R.R. Dist.
Noble PG CollegeP.No.37&38, Sy.No.16, Indira Nagar, Sahebnagar Kalan, Vanasthalipuram, Hayathnagar (M), R.R.Dist. – 501 010.
Noble PG CollegeSy.No.575 & 576, Nadergul, Sarurnagar (M), R.R.Dist. – 501 510.
Nova Business SchoolJafferguda, Batasingaram(V), Hayathnagar(M)
Nova College of Engineering & Technology (MKR & MVN)Sy.No.315, 316, 317, Jafferguda, Batasingaram, Hayathnagar (M), R.R.Dist.-501 512.
Nova Group Of InstitutionsBATASINGARAM
Nova PG CollegeJafferguda, Batasingaram, Hayatnagar
Nova PG CollegeJafferguda, Batasingaram, Hayatnagar
Olive PG College For Computer ScienceChintapalliguda, Ibrahimpatan 501510
Olive PG College for Computer ScienceChintapalliguda, Ibrahimpatnam, R.R.Dist.,
Olive PG College for ManagementChintapalliguda, Ibrahimpatnam (M), R.R.Dist.,
Omega PG CollegeEdulabad, Ghatkesar
Omega PG CollegeSy.No.7, Edulabad, Ghatkesar, R.R.Dist. – 501 301
OU PG College VikarabadVikarabad
P.Indra Reddy Memorial Engineering CollegeChevella, R.R.Dist. – 501 503.
Pragna PG CollegeSeetharampet, H/o.Khalsa Ibrahimpatnam (M), R.R.Dist.-501506.
Princeton College of Engineering & TechnologyAnkushapur, Ghatkesar (M), R.R.Dist. – 501 301.
Priyadarshini College of Business ManagementJafferguda, Batasingaram
Priyadarshini College of Computer Science and ResearchJafferguda, Batasingaram
Progressive Engineering CollegeChikatiMamidi, Bhongir(v), Bommalaramaram- 508 116.
PRR (Padala Rama Reddy) College of Commerce & ManagementSy.No.478, 483 & 485, CBIT Road, Manchirevula, Rajendranagar, Narsingi, R.R.Dist.,
PRR College of Computer ScienceCbit Road, Manchirevula, Narsingi 500075
PRR College of Computer SciencesSy.No.478/1, 483, 485 & 478, CBIT Road, Manchirevula, Rajendranagar, R.R.Dist.
PRRM Engineering CollegeShabad, R.R.Dist.-509217.
Pujya Shri Madhavanji Institute of Science & TechnologyBhagavathipuram, Mohabatnagar, Tummuluru G.P. Maheswaram, R.R. Dist. – 501 359
PV Ram Reddy PG CollegeUppariguda (V), Ibrahimpatnam (M), R.R.Dist.
Qutubshahi PG College for MCAP.No.182, 188, 189 & 190, Sy.No.24, Peerancheruvu, Golkonda, Rajendranagar, R.R.Dist.-500 008.
Raja Mahendra College of EngineeringCherlapatelguda, Kalsa, Ibrahimpatnam-501506, R.R.Dist.
Ravi PG College (for Women)Near Vanasthalipuram, Gurramguda, Sarurnagar (M), R.R.Dist. – 501 510.
Reah School of Buss. ManagementKeesara, Chevella (M), R.R.Dist.-501503
Ronald Ross PG College of Computer ScienceKoheda Road, Mangalpally, Ibrahimpatnam, R.R.Dist., – 501 510.
Ronald Ross PG College of Management StudiesKoheda Road, Mangalpally, Ibrahimpatan 501510
RVR Institute of Engineering & TechnologySheriguda, Ibrahimpatnam, R.R.Dist. – 501 510.
Sai Pranavi PG College Main Road, Keesara Daira, Keesara(M), R.R.Dist-501301
Samskruthi College of Engineering & TechnologyKondapur, Ghatkesar, R.R.Dist. – 501301
Samskruti Faculty of Business ManagementKondapur, Ghatkesar
Scient Institute of TechnologySy.No.324,323,326, Khalsa, Ibrahimpatnam, R.R.Dist.-505.
Shaaz College of Engineering & TechnologyHimayatnagar, Moinabad, R.R.dist.,
Shaaz College of Engineering and TechnologyHimayathnagar, Moinabad
Shadan College of Engineering and TechnologyPeerancheru, Himayatsagar Rd, Kali Mandir 500 008
Shahjehan College of Computer ApplicationsDarasalapally, Kandukur, R.R.Dist.
Shree Dattha Group Of InstitutionsIBRAHIMPATAN
Siddhardha Technical InstituteChowdariguda, Narapally, Korremula Road, Ghatkesar, R.R.Dist.-501301.
Siddhardha Technical InstituteChowdariguda, Narapally, Korremula Road, Ghatkesar, R.R.Dist.-501301.
Siddhartha Institute of Computer SciencesBagayath Ibrahimpatnam, R.R Dist
Siddhartha Institute of Engineering & TechnologyVinobhanagar, Ibrahimpatnam, R.R.Dist.
Siddhartha Institute of Technology & SciencesKorremula (V), Ghatkesar (M), R.R. Dist. – 501 301
Siddhartha Technical InstituteNarapally, Korremula Road, Ghatkesar
SLC’s Institute of Engineering & TechnologyPiglipur, Hayathnagar, Near Ramoji Film City, R.R.Dist. – 501 512.
SLC’s MCA CollegePiglipur, Near Ramoji Film City, Hayathnagar, R.R.Dist.
Sphoorthy Engineering College (Bhagyanagar Institute of Tech)Nadargul, Saroornagar (M), Near Vanasthalipuram, R.R. Dist.-501510
SPR College of Engineering & TechnologyAnkushapur, Ghatkesar,R.R.Dist. – 501 301.
Sri Chaitanya College of Business ManagementSheriguda, Ibrahimpatnam, R.R.Dist.
Sri Chakra Institute of Computer Sciences (MCA)Sy.No.209, Sheriguda, Ibrahimpatnam (M), R.R.Dist.,
Sri Datta Institute of Engineering& Science (Narayanpet Institute)Sheriguda, Ibrahimpatan, R.R.Dist.-501510.
Sri Indu College of Engineering & TechnologyMain Road, Sheriguda, Ibrahimpatnam, R.R.Dist.-501510.
Sri Indu Institute of ManagementSheriguda, Ibrahimpatnam, R.R.Dist.
Sri K.S.Raju Institute of Technology and SciencesKanakamamidi, Moinabad, R.R. Dist., – 501 504.
Sri Nidhi Institute of Science & TechnologyYamnampet, Ghatkesar, R.R.Dist. – 501 301.
Srigiri College of Business ManagementAttivelli (M), Medcahal, R.R Dist.
SS Institute of TechnologyGandimaisamma ‘X’ Road, Dundigal, Qutbullapur, R.R.Dist. – 500 043.
St Martins PG College of TechnologyMaisammaguda, Gundlapochampally, 500014
St Pauls CollegeTurkayamjal, Hayathnagar
St Stephens PG CollegeHmt Township, Jeedimetla
St Xaviers PG CollegeHmt Township, Jeedimetla
St.Anthony’s PG CollegeMarripalliguda, Near NFC Nagar, Edulabad, Ghatkesar, R.R.Dist.-501301.
St.Augustine PG CollegeBokkaniguda, NTPC Road, Ghatkesar, R.R.Dist. – 301.
St.Francis Institute of Business ManagementGagillapur(V), Quthbullapur (M), R.R.Dist.
St.Francis Institute of Business ManagementGagillapur(V), Quthbullapur (M), R.R.Dist.
St.Francis Xavier College of Computer SciencesSy.No.273/2, Kuntloor (V), Hayathnagar (M), R.R.Dist.
St.John’s Institute of Sciences & TechRangannaguda, Turkayamjal, Hayathnagar(M), R.R.Dist.-501510.
St.John’s PG CollegeSheriguda, Ibrahimpatnam (M), R.R.Dist. – 501 506.
St.John’s PG College (MCA)Agape Center, Chengicherla, Boduppal, Ghatkesar, R.R.Dist. – 500 039.
St.Martin’s Engineering CollegeDulapally, Medchal, R.R.Ridst.,-500 014.
St.Paul’s College of Management & Information TechnologySy.No.603 to 605, Turkayamjal, Hayathnagar (M), R.R.Dist. – 501 510.
St.Peter’s Engineering CollegeGundlapally, Medchal, R.R. Dist., – 500 014.
St.Vincent PG CollegeNear Mysammagutta, Chandanagar, Ghatkesar, R.R.Dist.-501301.
St.Xavier’s PG CollegeSy.No.155 & 156, Gopanpally, Sherilingampally (M), R.R.Dist.
Star Institute of TechnologyManimurthyalamma Kunta, Turkayamjal, Hayathnagar, R.R.Dist. – 501 510.
Suprabhath Institute of Computer Studies (MCA)Cheeryal, Keesara, R.R.Dist.,- 501 301
Suprabhath Institute of Management StudiesCheeryal, Keesara, 501301
SV College of Computer SciencesEathabarpally (V), Moinabad (M)-501504, R.R.Dist.,
SV College of Engineering & TechnologySy.No.72/P, Eathabarpally, Moinabad, R.R.Dist. – 501504.
SV Model College of ManagementDommarapochampally, Qutubullapur (M), R.R.Dist.
SVR Institute of Technology & ManagementSy.No.198, 198, D.Erravalli (V), Chevella (M), R.R.Dist.
SVR School of Business ManagementSy.No.197 D, Erravalli (V), Chevella (M), R.R.Dist.
SVVR Educational Society Group Institutions Sagar Institute Of TechnologyCHEVELLA
Swami Vivekananda College of Computer SciencesPamena, Chevella, R.R.Distt
Teegala Krishna Reddy Engineering CollegeMedbowli, Meerpet, Saroornagar, Hyderabad-500079.
Tirumala Engineering CollegeSy.No.289,290,296,306,Bogaram, Keesara(M), R.R. Dist. – 501301.
TKR Institute of Management & ScienceMedibowli, Meerpet, Sarurnagar, R.R.Dist.,
TMSS College of ManagementRCI Main Road, Mallapur, R.R.Dist.
Ushodaya Institute Of Management And TechnologyIBRAHIMPATAN
Vardhaman College of EngineeringKacharam, Nanajipur, Shamshabad(M), R.R.Dist. – 501 218.
Velangini Institute of ManagementBogaram, Keesara
Vidya Dayini College of Information TechnologySy.No.21, RCI Main Road, Mallapur, Near Balapur, Sarurnagar, R.R. Dist.,
Vidya Vikas Institute of TechnologySur.No.103 &104, Chevella (V), R.R.Dist.-501503.
Vignana Bharathi Institute of TechnologyAushapur (V), Ghatkesar (M), R.R.Dist. – 501 301
Vignans Institute of Management and Technology For WomenKondapur, Ghatkesar
Vijaya College of Computer SciencesSri Sai Colony, (II Phase), Opp.Radio Relay Tower, Hayathnagar, R.R.Dist.-501505
Vijaya Krishna Institute of Technology & SciencePalmakula (V), Shamshabad, R.R. Dist.-501 218.
Vijaya PG CollegeMunaganoor, Hayathnagar (M), R.R.Dist. – 501 505.
Vijaya school of Business ManagementSurmaiguda, Lashkarguda, Grampanchayat, Hayathnagar, R.R.Dist
Vision PG CollegeBoduppal (V), Ghatkesar (M), R.R.Dist.
Visvesvaraya College of Engineering & TechnologyPatelguda, Ibrahimpatan. R.R. Dist. – 500 009.
Vivekananda Group Of Institutions BATASINGARAM
Vivekananda PG CollegeBogaram, Keesara, R.R.Dist.-501301.
VMR Institute of Technology & Management SciencesSy.No.652, 653, 654, 658, 656, 721, 722, 726 & 727, Medchal, R.R. Dist.-501 401.
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