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Default GTU MBA Sem 1 Syllabus

Recently my sister has taken admission in MBA 1st Semester Course at Gujarat Technological University (GTU). She needs syllabus, so can you provide complete syllabus of MBA 1st Semester Course of Gujarat Technological University (GTU)?
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Default Re: GTU MBA Sem 1 Syllabus

As you are looking for syllabus of MBA 1st Semester Course of Gujarat Technological University (GTU), so I am providing complete syllabus:

Gujarat Technological University (GTU) MBA 1st Semester Syllabus

Accounting for Managers (AFM)
Economics for Managers (EFM)
Management Information Systems (MIS)
Managerial Communication (MC)
Organizational Behaviour (OB)
Principles of Management (POM)
Quantitative Analysis (QA)

Accounting for Managers (AFM)

I Fundamentals of Accounting
Basic understanding of accounting, Conceptual framework of financial statements Business transactions to trial balance, Trial balance to Balance sheet and profit and loss account for non corporate and corporate entities, , Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.

II Asset Valuation
Valuation of Tangible Fixed Assets, Depreciation on fixed assets, valuation of assets under finance lease and intangible assets, amortisation and asset impairment, Valuation of inventories, valuation of investments.

III Understanding Corporate financial statements
Corporate Balance sheet, corporate profit and loss account, Notes to the accounts and significant accounting policies, understanding and constructing corporate cash flow statement, other financial reports- Auditors report and Directors report, corporate governance report

IV Financial Statement Analysis
Financial Statement Analysis using the tool kit of Multi step Income statement, horizontal analysis, common size analysis, Trend analysis, Earning per share analysis, Ratio analysis, analysis of cash flow statement

V Contemporary issues in financial Accounting
Global financial reporting, GAAPs and IFRSs, IAS, Indian GAAP and US GAAP, Foreign currency accounting, Inflation Accounting, Human Resource Accounting, Environment accounting, Responsibility Accounting

Economics for Managers (EFM)

I Ten principles of economics
How people make decisions; How people interact; How the economy works as a whole.

Thinking like an economist
The scientific method; Role of assumptions; Economic models; The circular-flow diagram; Production possibilities frontier; Micro and macro economics; Positive versus normative economics; Why economists disagree’

The market forces of supply and demand
Markets and competition; Individual demand; Demand schedule and demand curve; Market demand versus individual demand; Shifts in the demand curve; Supply schedule, Supply and demand– equilibrium, analyzing changes in equilibrium.

Elasticity and its application
The elasticity of demand; The elasticity of supply, application of elasticity.

Case: Pricing, admission to a museum.

Consumers, producers and the efficiency of markets
Consumer surplus; Producer surplus; Market efficiency– the benevolent social planner; evaluating the market equilibrium; Market efficiency and market failure

The costs of production
Costs – total revenue, total cost and profit, costs as opportunity costs, cost of capital as an opportunity cost, economic profit versus accounting profit; Production and costs – the production function, from production function to the total cost curve; various measures of cost – FC, VC, AC, MC, cost curves and their shapes and relationship; Costs in the short run and long run – relationship between SR and LR ATC, economies and diseconomies of scale.

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