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Unregistered 01:10 PM 20th July 2014
Will you please here tell me the difference between Creamy and Non-Creamy layer of OBC as it is very urgent for me?

Kiran Chandar 10:08 AM 22nd July 2014
As you want to get the details of difference between Creamy and Non-Creamy layer of OBC so here it is for you:

The difference between creamy layer and non creamy layer is based on annual income that is if the person’s annual income more than 4.5 lac then he would be considered as creamy Layer and would not be able to gain benefits from the Govt.

The creamy Layer is a term whim is used for those OBCs who are relatively wealthier and better educated members of the OBC classes.

Whereas NON Creamy Layers, those person whose annual income is below 4.5 lac , then he would be considered as Non Creamy layer .

OBC list of India:

Unregistered 04:04 PM 2nd August 2014
Guys, can you tell me the Difference between Creamy and Non-Creamy layer of OBC????????
Arun Vats 08:30 AM 3rd August 2014
There are two categories of OBC students, Creamy Layer and Non Creamy Layer. The difference in both categories is given below:

Creamy Layer:
Candidates Belonging to Parents whose total gross annual income was >/= Rs. 4,50,000 /- Come Under this Category.

Non-Creamy Layer:
This is for those obc candidates who will be benefited with the reservation for the admission in educational institute under government of India

The main difference in Creamy and Non creamy layer is on the basis of Annual income of Family.

The Annual income of people is above 4.5 Lacs is belonging to OBC Creamy Layer

The Annual income of people below is 4.5 Lacs is belonging to OBC Non-Creamy Layer

OBC creamy Layer does not get nay benefit

They does not get Under the reserved category

They are treated like General category.

OBC non creamy layer gets benefits for exams and jobs.

For UPSC,the age limit for OBC NC is 21-33years and the number of attempts is 7.

The cutoff required to qualify the exam is also lower than general category.

Unregistered 03:03 PM 31st December 2015
deferent between in obc creamy layar and non creamy layar
s.k.chayadevi 10:46 AM 8th December 2016
Dear sir,
i am applying for JEEMains for my son we are belongs to OBC but we earning income more than 6 lakhs , can my son get any reservation to get admission at IITs ,NITs
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