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Unregistered 11:11 AM 1st March 2016
Hii Buddy , I want to know What are the Required Qualifications for a Radiation Safety Officer in Bhabha Atomic Research Centre , can you pzz Give me Details of same ?

Kiran Chandar 12:10 PM 1st March 2016
The Requirements for a Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) Vary with the type of License and types of Materials Used

Some excerpts from Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) regulations and NUREGs (guidance documents) that may help are included here.

These are generally applicable in all states but in some states (called Agreement States), the state has the authority to write its own regulation. In this case, the state may have chosen to simply use the NRC RSO requirements or to use its own which might be more specific.

Here are Some Excerpts and the Documents from which they were Pulled:

10 CFR 30.33 General requirements for issuance of specific licenses

10 CFR 33.13 Requirements for the issuance of a Type A specific license of broad scope

10 CFR 33.14 Requirements for the issuance of a Type B specific license of broad scope

10 CFR 33.15 Requirements for the issuance of a Type C specific license of broad scope

Training Programmes in Radiation Safety Officer if Bhabha Atomic Research Centre

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