Distance learning information in MSC statistics for ANU

Tell me that can I do M.Sc. Statistics from Acharya Nagarjuna University? If so then please provide me its Sampling Theory paper syllabus.

Acharya Nagarjuna University offer M.Sc. Statistics course through distance learning following is its Sampling Theory paper syllabus:

M.Sc. : Statistics

Paper title: Sampling TheoryPaper number Paper -3
Maximum marks

Model Question Papers / Past Question Papers

Syllabus details
Basic concepts of sampling: Population, Sample, Sampling unit, Sampling frame, Complete enumeration survey, Sample Survey, Random number tables, Sampling errors, Non-sampling errors and sources, Important aspects at the planning stage of sample surveys, Statistical organizations-Central Statistical Organization (CSO) and National Sample Survey Organization (NSSO)

Simple random sampling with and without replacements, Estimation of population mean, population total and population proportion in SRS without replacement and variances of these estimates. Determination of sample size in sampling from attribute data and variable data. Stratified random sampling, estimation of population mean and population total and population proportion and variances of these estimates, Allocation problems in stratified sampling, Gain in precision due to stratification. Determination of sample size in proportional and Neyman allocations.

Systematic sampling, Variance of the estimated mean, concept of circular systematic sampling. Cluster sampling with equal cluster sizes, Variance of estimated mean, Optimum cluster size for fixed cost

PPS sampling with replacement, Procedures of selection of sample, Estimation of population total and its variance. Two-stage sampling with equal number of second stage units, Estimation of population mean, its variance and estimation of variance. Concept of multi-stage sampling.

Ratio estimation, bias of the ratio-estimator, comparison of the ratio estimate with the mean per unit, conditions for optimum ratio estimate, ratio estimates in stratified sampling, regression estimation, Comparison with ratio estimate, regression estimates in stratified sampling.

Note: Two Questions are to be set from each unit

Books for study:
1. W.G.Cochran (1997). Sampling Techniques, 3rd edition, Wiley Eastern Limited, New Delhi.
2. B.L.Agarwal(1988): Basic Statistics, Wiley Eastern Limited, New Delhi.

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