Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology

Question : Give me list of basic research area of Centre of Cellular and Molecular Biology.

Answer : Following is list of Basic Research Area of Centre of Cellular and Molecular Biology:

Biomedicine and Biotechnology
Genetics & Evolution, Genomics
Cell Biology & Development
Molecular Biology and Structural Biology
Biochemistry & Biophysics
Infectious Diseases
Tumor biology
Cataract & other eye diseases
Applications of DNA fingerprinting
Conservation of endangered species
Molecular approaches in animal breeding
Applied processes & products
Computational Biology & Bioinformatics
Infectious diseases

Contact details
Centre for Cellular & Molecular Biology
Habsiguda, Uppal Road
Hyderabad – 500 007
Andhra Pradesh, India
Telephone: +91 40 27160222-31, 27160232-41
Fax: +91 40 27160591, 27160311

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