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Provide me core courses list of Bharathidasan Institute of Management.


Bharathidasan Institute of Management provides following courses:-

Core Courses
1st Trimester

Marketing 1
Economics for Managers 1
Information Technology for Management
Business Communication 1
Personality Development 1
Organizational Behaviour 1
Fundamentals of Management
Mathematics and Statistics for Managers
Financial Reporting & Performance Analysis
Operations Management

2nd Trimester

Cost Management
Corporate Finance 1
Marketing 2
Economics for Managers 2
Organizational Behaviour 2
Information Systems for Business
Business Research Methods
Business communication 2
General Business Knowledge
Personality Development 2

3rd Trimester

Operations Research
Regulatory and Legal aspects of Business
Corporate Finance 2
Human Resource Management
Spread Sheets for Management
Ethics and Corporate Governance
Business Communication 3
Environmental Management
Business, Government and Society
Personality Growth Lab

4th Trimester

Strategic Management I
Plus Five Electives

5th Trimester

International Business
Plus Five Electives

6th Trimester

Strategic management II
Plus Five Electives


Bharathidasan Institute of Management,
(School of Excellence of Bharathidasan University)
P.Box No.12, MHD Complex,
BHEL Campus, Tiruchirappalli – 620 014.
Ph: 0431-2520796, 2520502
Telefax: 0431-2520733

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