B.Ed from SNDT University Mumbai

From where can I get B.Ed. syllabus of SNDT Women University?

You are looking for B.Ed. syllabus of SNDT Women University so I have it and I am sharing it with you:

Micro teaching (Marks 50)
Orientation and demonstrations of skills be given by lecturers. Lesson planning and teach-re teach cycles of five microteaching skills per subject should be conducted. Each teach-re teach cycle carries ten marks. Total marks out of 100 are to be converted out of 50 marks.
Integration lessons (Marks 25)
One integration lesson of 15 minutes duration per subject should be conducted. Each lesson is be given 25 marks. Students are supposed to use all the micro teaching skills practiced and some supporting skills in the lesson. Total marks are to be converted out of 25.
Evaluation work shop (Marks 25)
General orientation of evaluation approach, content analysis, objectives and specification and learning experiences is to be given. General format of writing lesson plan and variations needed according to different learning experiences should be discussed. Every student is expected to complete following work in both the school subjects: One sample Lesson note, content analysis of one standard according to ten core elements, year plan and unit plan. Marks out of twenty five per subject are to be given for all the activities.

Rest of syllabus is given in pdf file and you are free to download it.

SNDT Women University B.Ed. Syllabus

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