bank holidays republic of Ireland

Question : Can you provide me list of holiday at republic of Ireland

Answer :
Here is the list of bank holiday republic of Ireland for 2013:-
Date Holiday
1/1/2013 New Year’s Day

Have a wonderful new year!
25/01/2013 Robert Burns Night (Burns Night)
27/01/2013 Holocaust Memorial Day
12/2/2013 Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day)
13/02/2013 Ash Wednesday
14/02/2013 St. Valentine’s Day
1/3/2013 St. David’s Day
10/3/2013 Mothering Sunday (Mother’s Day)
17/03/2013 St. Patrick’s Day (actual)
18/03/2013 St. Patrick’s Day (observed)
24/03/2013 Palm Sunday
28/03/2013 Maundy Thursday
29/03/2013 Good Friday
31/03/2013 Easter Sunday (actual)

Irish Standard Time (IST) Begins
1/4/2013 April Fools Day

Easter Monday (observed)
23/04/2013 St. George’s Day
6/5/2013 May Day
3/6/2013 June Bank Holiday
16/06/2013 Father’s Day
15/07/2013 St. Swithun’s Day (aka St. Swithin’s)
5/8/2013 August Bank Holiday
27/10/2013 Irish Standard Time (IST) Ends
28/10/2013 October Bank Holiday
31/10/2013 Halloween
1/11/2013 All Saints Day
10/11/2013 Remembrance Day (Remembrance Sunday)
30/11/2013 St. Andrew’s Day
25/12/2013 Christmas

Merry Christmas!
26/12/2013 St. Stephen’s Day
31/12/2013 Hogmanay

New Year’s Eve

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